image of a globeInterlibrary Loan  (borrowing books from other libraries)

stack of booksIntra-Library Loan (borrowing & lending of books between our campuses)

person studyingReserves (materials set aside for use by one class)

open bookResearch Assistance (online form to ask for research help)

Library instructionLibrary Instruction (options for faculty for your classes)
Ask a librarianAsk A Librarian (Online one-on-one chat with a librarian, available 24-7)

Other Libraries (that you may use)

Persons with Disabilities

The library staff is committed to providing a successful library experience for people with disabilities. To ensure staff availability, advance notice may be required for some services. Feel free to ask at the Circulation desk if you need any kind of assistance using or locating materials. If your disability is not apparent, please identify yourself as having a disability when you seek assistance. 

If you have any suggestions or special problems which we are not currently addressing please bring them to our attention. You will find that G.A. Pfeiffer Library is a flexible service organization whose goal is to quickly and conveniently provide you with the service you need.

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