Old Cline Hall and Annex circa 1916

Old Cline Hall, named in honor of Mrs. A.B. Cline from Indiana who served as Bureau Secretary in the Woman's Home Missionary Society, was originally a white frame structure built in 1913 as a dormitory for boys. After the fire destroyed the Main Building in 1914, Cline had to take care of all needs of the school. In the summer of 1915 the previously unfinished third floor of Cline was completed. In 1916 the Woman’s Home Missionary Society gave the means and direction for an addition to Cline Hall. This annex made of rough, inexpensive lumber was joined to the Hall, and it provided the school with classrooms, dining rooms, kitchen and a laundry. The girls continued to live in the main part of Cline, but the facilities were moved into the Cline Annex in 1916. This building was later demolished in 1935 to make room for the present Cline Hall, Rowe Hall, Goode Hall and Merner Hall.