Mitchell Home School in Spring 1913, built in 1909.

Mitchell Home School in Spring 1913, started construction in Summer 1909, completed in 1910.
This first building to be built in Misenheimer, a three story concrete structure completed in 1910 at a cost of $15,000 was not given a name, but just called the "main building” or "Administration Building". It was an all purpose structure that housed dormitory needs, classrooms, dining space, and the superintendent's office. On the first floor there was a dining room, kitchen, pantry, boys’ living room, girls' living room, two classrooms and a lunchroom for day students. On the second and third floors were dormitories with the girls at one end and the boys at the other. On June 29, 1914, a fire completely destroyed the main building shortly after the spring session ended. Cline Hall, an adjacent building was saved by the Misenheimer residents keeping it soaked with water even though it was only 56 feet away. The boys were moved from the Hall into homes in the community while the girls and all facilities moved into Cline Hall.